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Favorite Things

Being Outside, Traveling, Cooking, Meeting New People, Exploring New Places, Drinking Tea, Petting Strangers' Dogs, Discovering New Music, Playing the Piano, Exploring New Cities on Foot, Finding Waterfalls, Watching Movies in the Theater, 

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 Shooting Style

I'm a hybrid shooter. I started shooting film when I was a little girl, and digital when I was in high school. A few years ago, I finally started putting the two together on a wedding day. 

I like to make friends and blend in as much as possible while I'm working. I'm not a huge fan of super posed photographs (or fake interactions), so I'm constantly trying to make everything as natural and comfortable as it can be. 

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  • I live in both Nashville, Tn and Birmingham, Al
  • I'm an ENTP (if you're a Myers Briggs nerd)
  • I've been shooting weddings, consistently, for 7 years
  • I either live in yoga pants or dresses - there is rarely an in-between
  • I am constantly dreaming of my next trip