Taylor and Zak // Proposal // Steamboat Springs, CO

(As seen on How He Asked!)

Be prepared. You're about to see one of the cutest proposals in history.

The week of Christmas, Brittany's family was spending the holiday in Steamboat Springs. Towards the end of the trip, it was finally revealed that her cousin, Zak was going to PROPOSE to his girlfriend, Taylor. (By the way, this made all of the weird behavior add up...)

So it's the last day of the trip and Zak decides that Steamboat Lake is the place it's going to happen. We all drive about 45 minutes out that way. By the way, Taylor is a wedding photographer, so this shouldn't raise up too big of a red flag for her. We're in a gorgeous place and going on a photo adventure just has to happen! Well, I don't know how many of y'all have been to Colorado in December, but... The snow was at least four feet deep anywhere you went. Minimum. Zak was having a fairly large problem: How do I kneel down to propose? He was getting frustrated. It was the last day. He wanted this to happen IN Colorado. On the trip. So after several more efforts to find another location after we left Steamboat Lake State Park, we just pull over. Surrounded by amazing scenery on a beautiful (absolutely freezing) sunny day, Zak takes Taylor into the middle of the road and tells her that he wants to spend his life with her.

It was the most adorable thing in life. Watching Taylor completely flip out and giggle until she just couldn't anymore. Her shocked reaction and her cute comments made the freezing temperatures worth it! "Zak, what are you doing?!" She did not stop giggling for well over an hour. CONGRATS Zak and Taylor!!