Taylor and Zak // Engagement // Charleston, SC

It was a Tuesday. We were anxiously waiting around to see if we'd need to pack our bags in a matter of hours. And then Taylor called...and the answer was YES. Taylor had completely changed direction the week of her and Zak's engagement session, and said they really were thinking about going to Charleston. We had previously planned on going to North Alabama to hike down some caves and trails. As excited as we were for our original plan, we were allll for this new suggestion. Charleston is ALWAYS a good idea. :)

So about 6am on Wednesday, we were hitting the road for our seven hour drive to one of the most gorgeous cities in the South. Exhausted and more than excited when we arrived, we scarfed down a late lunch and started walking! Sadly, the day was completely overcast, but still amazing as usual. Nothing beats the color and grandeur of The Holy City. After almost four hours of exploring, we called it a day and grabbed dinner at Five Loaves Cafe (one of SJ's fav restaurants!) 

Early the next morning, we were back at it! Off to Folly Beach where we had a warm bout of sunshine, then on to the unbelievable Angel Oak Tree. We had the BEST time with these two over their nearly 24 hour engagement session. Even for a photographer as Taylor is, that is a ton of photo taking, posing, and smiling, but she and Zak were our perfect models. They giggled and played and hugged and kissed...and just made our jobs so easy. We cannot wait to watch these two exchange vows on December 3rd!