Miller Wedding // B&A Warehouse // Birmingham, Al

We are so excited to finally post this wedding! Y'all should just know that we have been seriously struggling to choose these photos. There wasn't one that we didn't want to use. Joanna and Aaron were so natural... from Joanna fixing Aaron's hair, and teeth, and jacket at the first look, to Aaron swooping Joanna up over and over again for a kiss that rivaled the famous V-J Day kiss in Times Square. 

These guys just really enjoyed their day. They arrived at the venue with ear-to-ear smiles and anxious excitement, which only makes us even more excited :) The groomsmen were (mostly) total goofballs and the bridesmaids literally never have a dull moment when they're together. It makes our jobs so much easier when people are happy and loving the day and soaking it all in. One of our most memorable moments was when a groomsman, Eddie, borrowed a guitar from the band and sang THE most beautiful song, like voice of an angel, we're not kidding. 

This was our first time shooting at B&A, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful atmostphere. Everything was so vibrant, and they made sure to incorporate special pieces of their lives! You'll see a ring shot in a seashell, and it is actually the same shell that Aaron proposed to Joanna with on the beach! 

Needless to say, we're beyond grateful that this beautiful couple invited us to be a part of their amazing day, and we hope you enjoy their photos :)

(P.S. We died when we saw Joanna's Jimmy Choos. Died.) 

Venue: B&A Warehouse // Dress: Hayley Paige // Florist: Ricky Uno // Cake: Barbs Cakes // Band: Craig Stilley // Caterer: B&A Warehouse