Laura and Cody // Engagement // Birmingham, AL

We have been so freaking excited to photograph our friend Laura! She scheduled her engagement session fairly far in advance (since Laura is also a photographer and an artist - check out Cotton and Clover!) and so we've had awhile to look forward to their session! It is such an honor to be able to shoot another photographer's wedding day! Not only are these two beautiful on the you soon will see...but they are both incredible people on the inside as well!

Laura and Cody met in 2006 at a church retreat, but it wasn't until years later that they reconnected while both attending UAB. Cody charmed his way in and stole her heart away. :) Now Cody is a history teacher at Springville Middle School (where he's also from!) and Laura is finishing up her last bit of school while she works and shoots under Cotton + Clover! Every time we turn around, she's picked up another hobby too! Not to mention, they bought their first house not too long ago. With as busy and creative as these two are, we know their wedding at Bridgestreet next June will be unbelievable!