Lauren and Matthew // Engagement // Vina, AL

Just like any small town in the South, it's easy to know everyone in the surrounding area. Lauren and Matthew went to separate neighboring high schools, but they had mutual friends that allowed them connect. They both loved riding horses, and so riding the trails at a nearby canyon became the location for several of their first dates! So when they took us to Rock Bridge Canyon, where they shared their first date, we couldn't have been more excited! OH MY WORD, y'all. This place was incredibly beautiful. We are so glad Lauren suggested it for a location for photos! We adored the fact that the canyon held a special history for their relationship. We finished up the session at Matthew's parents home. We don't think we've ever been so in love with engagement photos. The entire day was perfect. The property was so gorgeous and the sun was in the most perfect angle in the sky to wrap up their shoot. 

We have to share their proposal story as well because we love how precious this couple is! Lauren (like any true Southern lady) holds animals dear to her heart. She had been wanting a baby goat for some time, which is why Matthew asked Lauren to meet him in his family's barn one early morning. There he waited to propose with a ring tied on a string around a little baby goat. After the tears and shock, they came out to all of the family arrived for a huge breakfast party set up to celebrate. Huge props goes to Matthew's mom who came up with a game plan to get Lauren at the house so early and dolled up (to have a girls day in Tupelo!) 

From the minute we met with Lauren and her grandmother, we knew everything about this couple was going to be magical. Their engagement session was better than we ever even could have imagined, which is why we are so excited for their wedding in May 2015!