Adrian and Zac // Engagement // Chelsea, AL

Where do we even begin to talk about Zac and Adrian? Their story is every girl's dream! We'll have to save some for their wedding blog next June, but we'll give you a sneak peek of their love story: Zac and Adrian are life-long friends. As in, there are most likely photos of them together when Adrian was in diapers. They grew up together because their families are so close, and Adrian's sister and Zac actually became best friends. Age differences are a little weird when you're too young, but as Zac was in college and Adrian would go visit her sister at Auburn, they got to be around each other more just hanging out with their friends. Eventually, Zac started falling for Adrian and started pursuing her (who can blame him; she's perfect) and it took YEARS before she even took him seriously! Literally, years. It wasn't until she moved to Nashville with a teaching job and he also took a new job that led him to Nashville that she finally gave in and they started dating. Everyone could finally stop holding their breath waiting on the day to come! And they are so adorable. They were only going to be in town for a few days for photos, and it turned out to be the rainiest, grossest day ever. So after a few change of plans in location, we finally decided on a farm that Zac's family has connections to. Despite the dreary forecast, it turned out ever so lovely. :)