What are your wedding packages? 

- All of the wedding packages include at least eight hours of coverage, two photographers and all of your high-resolution images with print rights. Please contact me for more info and pricing!  


Do you travel to shoot weddings? 

- Absolutely! Behind photography, traveling and road tripping is my favorite. I LOVE to travel and would love to shoot your wedding!

Will we be able to post our photos online or make prints? 

- All of the collections include print rights to your photos, so you will be able to post them online and have them printed. I do offer professional quality albums as well. 


Can I meet you before I decide if you are the right fit for our wedding?

- Of course! I completely understand the importance of finding a photographer that is the right fit for you and your wedding day. I'd love to hang out over a cup of coffee (or chips and salsa or ice cream) and learn about each other!


Do you shoot film or digital? 

- Both! I primarily shoot with several different types of film cameras! I love all the ranges, emotion, and character it gives in the final product. There are certain parts of a wedding day that I still prefer to still shoot in digital, though.