Molly // Bridals // Children's Harbor, Alexander City, Al

We are behind at putting these up; this session is from this past July.... Being a photographer is wonderful in that there's always something unexpected and always something to challenge you in the moment.. but sometimes you can get so caught up in photographing hired jobs that you need to have an outlet for 'fun shoots'. This is a fun shoot. The girl in the photographs is Molly, and we have been best friends for years and years. We asked her to model for us because 1. She is beautiful and 2. Her dress is beautiful. She was married 2 years ago in Savannah, Ga, but we asked if she wouldn't mind putting her dress back on again :) WHAT BRIDE DOESN'T WANT TO?!

Another reason we like to do fun, personal shoots is because it gives us an excuse to shoot with film :) We are film-lovers. We each shot a roll in addition to shooting digital, so the images are about half and half. There are lots of film/digital shots paired together, so see if you can spot the difference! 

Anyways. These were all shot at an incredible place called Children's Harbor in Alexander City, Al. We hope you love them.