Caitlin and Drew // Engagement // Birmingham, AL

We were SO excited when these two got engaged in Chicago this past February! And it was extra exciting because Caitlin had absolutely no idea! We both went to school with Drew. Drew is my age, and his older sister is Kayci's age. So when his sister, Jessica asked us to shoot her wedding last September, we got to meet Drew's then girlfriend, Caitlin! We fell in love with her and that infectious smile immediately, of course! I bet Kayci and I both let out a super girly squeal when Caitlin contacted us about doing their wedding at J&D Farms this fall. 

To tell you a little bit about this darling couple, Caitlin is a civil engineer and Drew is a contractor. They met taking a summer Calculus 3 class at UAB. They became study buddies and were always just friends... Until Caitlin realized that Drew was exactly the kind of guy she was looking for! He'd been there all along. Something all of us girls have probably missed at some point or another. The way she described them was too adorable: "It all fell into place. It kinda all made sense. You know, super cheesy and destiny and all that stuff." YES, Drew and Caitlin, you are super cute and absolutely perfect together!