Lovett Wedding // Sonnet House // Leeds, Alabama

This is a story of high school sweethearts.. One of those stories that reminds you of a younger, gigglier, more innocent, head-over-heels-in-love version of yourself. That kind of sweet, sweet love is what comes to mind when we think back on Emily and Blake's wedding day. 

Emily and Blake started dating their senior year of high school. After both going to different colleges, they managed to keep their relationship strong... but of course, they both ended up transferring to Montevallo! On their four year anniversary, Blake devised a fantastic plan to have a friend blindfold Emily and bring her to their high school alma mater. There on the football field, Emily would find Blake surrounded in rose petals. And YES, there are photos to document this surprise proposal! 

Emily and Blake decided to do a first look, and we don't think there have been many first looks as cute as theirs. .. Remember that gigglier self we asked you to recall? Yeah.. apply those memories and multiply by one thousand. That's how precious they were. And even though their original ceremony location was rained out, the night was still stunning, adorned in soft pastels and baby's breath, and they danced the night away. 

Venue : The Sonnet House // Dress : Bella Couture // Dress Designer : Justin Alexander // Bridesmaids Dresses : Bella's // Cake : Phil Cain