Ludwick Wedding // Leavellwood Lodge // West Greene, Al

When Rebekah asked us to shoot her wedding, we were crossing our fingers we would be open on her date! We've known this girl since childhood and have been lifelong friends. We would do anything to be there with her on wedding day. She is one of those perfect girls. You know, the ones that every boy is in love with at some point or another growing up. We had met Shane a couple of times, but it wasn't until their engagement session that we REALLY got to see his fun personality! We knew immediately why she was so crazy about him and why they were so amazing together.

Bekah and Shane both played at Covenant College - she played softball and he played baseball - and though he tried to flirt his way into her heart, it wasn't until after he had graduated that he won his girl. When Shane landed a job in Chattanooga, Bekah was finishing up her last semester of school. It was then that they really got to know each other and began dating. Their first date, they went to dinner and had snow cones for dessert on the Chattanooga bridge (the same bridge Shane proposed on), so when you see the snow cones incorporated at their reception, you'll know why! They also went to karaoke with friends on this date too! (Who else has had such an epic first date?!) Although they refer to that night out as their "fake date," their real date took place that weekend at a Braves game (how adorably appropriate!) and ended with a first kiss!

They decided to host the wedding at Leavellwood Lodge, a place Rebekah's family frequents to hunt, and it was the most beautiful, intimate day. We love a location that is not your average wedding venue! Not only for the unique factor, but also because we have to think and challenge ourselves just a little differently! Bekah and Shane's wedding was on a perfect, warm October day with not a cloud in the sky. It was welcoming, laid-back, and made you feel like family. We are so thankful you thought of us for your photographers!