Maranda and Kyle // Engagements // Old Cahawba, AL

When we first met with Maranda and Kyle, Maranda shared with us her vision for an old church for their engagement photos. We were 100% down for searching for a church, but she ended up finding an amazing one from the Forgotten Alabama page soon after our meeting. Our first available Saturday, we were on our way towards Selma to Old Cahawba! A beautiful area where the Cahaba and Alabama rivers meet. Cahawba was Alabama's state capital from 1820 to 1826, and it remarkably still has some remaining structures! Post-Civil War and after the county seat was moved to Selma, most families left, leaving Cahawba a ghost town. Abandoned and overgrown, the ruins were a perfect location for our history-loving couple! The St. Luke's Episcopal Church at the beginning of the park was originally built in 1854, but in 1878, was disassembled and moved to a nearby town. In 2007, Auburn's students dismantled it once again and reconstructed the building at its original site - Cahawba! Though not on its exact original street, it really is striking sitting across from the visitor center when you first arrive.

We are so excited that Maranda and Kyle wanted to do a little adventuring and seek out something that reflected their interests and styles. We enjoyed driving around a place that none of us had ever been to, and just watching to see what we found! They are two of the most easy-going people. Watching how our couples interact at their engagement session is one of our favorite things! You can tell so much by seeing how they act with two cameras aimed at them for two straight hours. This couple joked and smiled and played and laughed. On an unseasonably hot day in October, we saw how perfect these two are for each other! Because sweaty forehead kisses and hand-holding is true love at its finest!